Karl has done a great job with our website! His skills as a theatrical photographer, regarding live performance, pre-show publicity and members' headshots have been a major asset to the group and the website is lively, easy to navigate, and best of all, very reasonably priced. Well done!"
Val Christmas,
Seaton Drama Group

"Yo, check it out! The dude has made it EZ for the ZZ's! He's the man with the plan. This guy makes it rock! And all for less than the price of our weekly Tequila bill (don't ask). A Webmaster worthy of the titile. WebheadsMedia.Net is the Boss! "
Billy F. Bigguns, lead guitar & vocals,   The ZZ Tops
The world's greatest ZZ Top Tribute Band

Lisa and I are highly delighted with what you have done. The coach holiday page is brilliant and we love the link to the booking form. We really think you have done a really good job for us. Thank You!
Richard Keech Sovereign Coaches

That's great Karl thank you very much, I'm very pleased with the site, it's also been very easy to bring online. I will certainly be recommending your services to whoever I can.
Joe Mew, D&J Mew Developments

Thanks very much, looks spot on to me.
Our website is one of the best in area 12, if you ever get a min and you are bored, check the others out, but I feel we are, thanks to you, up with the best of them!
Fiona Benger, Lamberts Castle Riding Club

Brilliant Karl! Thanks so much. Looks really great.
Ian Hemmons, Devonshire Dollop Fudge

We think it looks fantastic.
I really like the idea of keeping it simple and easy to find everything. (user friendly)
Corinne Vincent, Blue Ball Lodge

Love it, love it, love it!!!!!
Carol Shute, The Nail Studio, Axminster

That's awesome!! Thanks, Karl. Things are looking perfect!
Sarah Greenacre, Manager, Seaton Tourist Information Centre